Design & Build

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Churchill McGee has developed a unique design and build process that our clients have come to value as the optimal standard for project delivery. Our extensive in-house team allows us to assemble the perfect group of professionals to see your project from start to finish.

A true collaborative effort, our team breaks down the silos of responsibilities, ensuring that we continue to increase value to our client by maximizing on efficiency through all phases of the project. Our multidisciplinary team provides a comprehensive road map for an effective project at the start, addresses the project’s unique goals, evaluating value engineering solutions, and reducing disruptions to our client’s operations, with an accelerated rate of project completion.


Churchill McGee’s unique approach ensures that we are the single point of contact for our clients through the duration of the project. We consider this a service we can offer our clients so that they can keep their focus where it is needed as they prepare to enter a new phase of their business.